lørdag den 4. maj 2013

Dear secular liberal democrats defending our freedoms against Islamic Imperialism: BBC Newsnight reports of Burka Uniformed self-declared Extremist Islamic Military personnel being groomed in Islam-abad, Pakistan !

I urge all Danes and allied liberal democratic civilians and forces to expose and ban the Islamic ninja-undercover black-ops new military uniform, the burka. The evidence is there at the new documentary by BBC Newsnight made by a brave Afghan-born, Pakistan-raised, exiled, Londoner jounalist. It is, like Bin Laden operations centre was, in the middle of Pakistan's government centre, the Red Mosque in the Capital with the telling name of Islam-abad. Mosques are yet again being documented to be Islamic military schools and the Islamic burka-matriarch there declares as openly as Khomeinin already did in 1979, that she is an Islamic fundamentalist and even declares openly and publicly that she is an exstremist, thriving and being respected by government officials right in Capital of the failed Islamic state, Pakistan. See the entire BBC Newsnight documentary, but especially minute 11 forwards: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-22399937 Let us defend ourselves, starting with banning the burka and suspending all mosques, sharia schools and Islamic centres and review their activities and only issue license to operate to those evidently non-extremist non-jihadists - there will be none of them, but a few that could pass such liberal democratic legal and political and policing and military strategic test!