søndag den 1. april 2012

It is not Islamophobia, but Islamonausea!

Some friend just commented that I should not exaggerate Islamic Imperialism power and not be "Islamophobic" and I replied...now an edited version:
I do not exaggerate Islamic Imperialism's power. In fact, Islam was from its inception an Imperialist power invading and conquering Persia, Egypt, Roman Byzantic Empire, India, Spain, Eastern and Western Europe and now Tower Hamlet, Bradford, Luton, even streets of Paris, Manhattan and Copenhagen are being invaded, grand mosques, 40000 square metres of it just in 2011, was given planning permission by the submissive or corrupted majority at Copenhagen and Aarhus City councils, respectively, i.e. the Capital and second largest city in Denmark, respectively, become soon one of those sad and violence-ridden Islamic Medinas rather than Northern European secular liberal centres of Scandinavian Enlightenment! Many examples has convinced secular liberal activists and grassroots as well as 86% of British voters at Skynews poll in 2006 or 78% of Danish voters to Danish National TV DR's poll in 2010, that they do not find Islam ever able to become compatible with British way of life, or in the case of the Danish poll no to grand mosques in Denmark, basically! Persia underestimated Islamic Imperialism and was invaded forever around the year 621. Around 1400 years after, some pundits and activists are still repeating Iranian leftist analysis that "Islam is just a temporary transitional materialistic dialectic historical phase" or something? I say, it is a very violent and very powerful force, but secular liberal democracy will beat it! Nazism and its Japanese-Fascist-Italian axis and their many other allies were underestimated in more recent history of Europe, USA and Australasia, and all ended being forced to bloody WWII, defended the last pieces of free Europe not yet Nazified, i.e. the British Isles, and also Danish Greenland and USA, and it all ended in an atomic war as we know all too well. Do not underestimate Islamic states, but defeat them with superpower Muscular Liberalism before they ongoing WWIII end in another major disaster like Hiroshima and Nagasaki and Dresden, after 50 million people had already perished! It is possible through the power of pen, words, writing, speaking, art, diplomacy, economic sanctions and brave-heart defense of secular liberal democracies, to win this and defeat Islamic Imperialism without further escalation of WWIII - but then we need a direct and open debate without censorship.

By the way, it is not Islamophobia, but Islamonausea!