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Islamic madrassas and the majority of Islamic organizations should be banned as racist, discriminatory, child-abusing law-breakers. 2000 Islamic Schools more likely than not represent 2000 times betrayal of child protection, civilization, humanism and our countries. Denmark should suspend all Islamic projects, grand mosques and madrassas. Let us defeat Islamic Imperialists at home and abroad, the sooner, the better!

Secular Liberal Minority Report:

Islamic madrassas and the majority of Islamic organizations should be banned as racist, discriminatory, child-abusing law-breakers. 2000 Islamic Schools more likely than not represent 2000 times betrayal of child protection, civilization, humanism and our countries. Denmark should suspend all Islamic projects, grand mosques and madrassas. Let us defeat Islamic Imperialists at home and abroad, the sooner, the better!

Also, on a positive note, look at exile-Iranian-Swedish actor/director/writer Susan Taslimi's self-portrait at BBC Persian. http://www.bbc.co.uk/persian/tv/2011/01/110128_taslimi_tamasha.shtml How can Iranians choose Islam and its expressions, and drive women and artists like her out? Is Islam really so dear to Iranians? If so, they deserve not having her in Iran, and good for Sweden to have her. If the answer was no, I had expected Iranians to wake up tomorrow, tell their boss and their neighbours, that they are done with Islam and free, whatever the costs. No cost would be higher than what Iran and the rest of the world is paying for the submission and addiction to the repulsive doctrine and violence of Islam.

Arm the secular women of the Middle East and Iran and let them be the leaders of motivated national armies to beat the sheit out of Islamic dictators who are violating children, women and men alike! Try it in Afghanistan and see how fast Taliban would be deafeted, and let the Afghan Women's Liberation Army be a role model. The Islamic women will turn around, when their master men are subdued, and then those same women could enjoy new found freedom. Just take a look at just a few among hundreds of thousans to millions of Iranian women, who were leading before 1979 or still are leading outside Iran, at the attached portraits.

Also watch the 2003 film on enlightened Afghan youth trapped in Islamic vicious circle of events. A film inspired by the Spanish anti-fascist poet Frederico Garcia Lorca's poem At Five in the Afternoon, by Samira Makhmalbaf. Forget about Karzai and Taliban, empower and arm the secular youth, especially women leaders!

Fritiran Secular Liberal Minority Report takes a recess, to focus on work and studies. Will be back in March, unless World events gives urgent reason to communicate to members and friends of Fritiran's secular, liberal minority.


Pedram Kazemi-Esfarjani
Fritiran Secular Liberal Minority member elect of the board.

Secret filming at Muslim schools in Birmingham and Yorkshire shows pupils being beaten and 'taught Hindus drink cow p***'
By Tazeen Ahmad
Last updated at 11:07 PM on 12th February 2011
It is an assembly hall of the sort found in any ordinary school. Boys aged 11 and upwards sit cross-legged on the floor in straight rows. They face the front of the room and listen carefully. But this is no ordinary assembly. Holding the children’s attention is a man in Islamic dress wearing a skullcap and stroking his long dark beard as he talks.

‘You’re not like the non-Muslims out there,’ the teacher says, gesturing towards the window. ‘All that evil you see in the streets, people not wearing the hijab properly, people smoking . . . you should hate it, you should hate walking down that street.’
He refers to the ‘non-Muslims’ as the ‘Kuffar’, an often derogatory term that means disbeliever or infidel.

Welcome to one of Britain’s most influential Islamic faith schools, one of at least 2,000 such schools in Britain, some full-time, others part-time. They represent a growing, parallel education system.

Grabbed: Secretly filmed footage from the Markazi Jamia mosque shows a teacher pulling a pupil towards him and striking him on the back
The school is the Darul Uloom Islamic High School in Birmingham, an oversubscribed independent secondary school. Darul Ulooms are world-renowned Islamic institutions and their aim is to produce the next generation of Muslim leaders. In fact, these schools have been described as the ‘Etons of Islam’.
This school is required by its inspectors to teach tolerance and respect for other faiths. But the Channel 4 current affairs programme Dispatches filmed secretly inside it – and instead discovered that Muslim children are being taught religious apartheid and social segregation.

Warning: Reporter Tazeen Ahmad says Muslim schools need closer scrutiny
We recorded a number of speakers giving deeply disturbing talks about Jews, Christians and atheists.
We found children as young as 11 learning that Hindus have ‘no intellect’ and that they ‘drink cow p***’.
And we came across pupils being told that the ‘disbelievers’ are ‘the worst creatures’ and that Muslims who adopt supposedly non-Muslim ways, such as shaving, dancing, listening to music and – in the case of women – removing their headscarves, would be tortured with a forked iron rod in the afterlife.
In 2009 this school was praised by Government-approved inspection teams for its interfaith teachings. The report said that ‘pupils learn about the beliefs and practices of other faiths and are taught to show respect to other world religions’.
It seems that the inspectors were unaware of the teaching methods revealed by our undercover reporter, Osman. He was taken on as a volunteer at the Darul Uloom school in Birmingham in April 2009 and was allowed to sit in on some lessons – but not their Islamic classes.
So, in July last year, he went into one of the rooms where we’d heard they taught Islamic studies and left a secret camera to record the lessons.
Filming intermittently over a period of four months, the camera recorded children being taught a hardline, intolerant and highly anti-social version of Islam.
During the same period our reporter also attended the Markazi Jamia mosque in Keighley, West Yorkshire, after hearing of serious allegations that children were being hit at its madrassa.

Slapped: A child receives a sharp blow on the back of the head from the same teacher. The impact of the blow can be heard on the film
Madrassas in the UK are part-time after-school or weekend classes, often held in mosques, where children are taught to read the Koran. In Keighley it is not what they are being taught that is the problem, but how.
Again, Osman went into the mosque and left the camera in the room where classes took place.

Nicolas Sarkozy joins the David Cameron and Angela Merkel view that multiculturalism has failed
The film shows children as young as six sitting on the floor of a large room in the mosque, one of the biggest in the country. The boys are hunched over wooden benches, rocking backwards and forwards as they rote-learn the Koran in Arabic. A man with a long white beard dressed in a traditional shalwar kameez – tunic and trousers – sits at the head of the class.
'He slaps one boy, strikes another and kicks a third'
Periodically he gets up and walks behind the boys. As he passes, the children appear to cower and watch him nervously. It soon becomes clear why.
He unexpectedly raises his hand and slaps a young boy hard on the head. Moments later he strikes another. And then he kicks a third child.
In just two days of filming in December 2010, the camera recorded the teacher hitting children as young as six or seven at least ten times, in less than three hours of lessons.
From what we could see, every ¬single blow was pretty much unprovoked. We soon realised that the beatings were routine. The behaviour of the boys, the way they flinched and backed away when he approached, indicated that they were long-accustomed to being hit and kicked as they studied.
In another incident an older boy, left in charge of a class while a teacher is out at prayer, picks up a bench and threatens to hit a younger boy with it.

Threatened: An older pupil holds down a boy while another pupil - put in charge during the teacher's absence - aims a bench at him
During the making of this Dispatches film I have often counted my blessings. I received my Islamic education at home. My mum would read the Koran with me and most of my knowledge of Islam came from within the family. Others have not been so lucky.
Osman was subjected to beatings at four separate madrassas in the East Midlands as a child. He says that for the nine years he spent going to after-school Koran classes, he was hit regularly, at least a couple of timesa week.
‘It destroyed my confidence,’ he says, ‘and the worst bit was never knowing when it was going to happen. I had a horrible teacher who would use his fists, a stick, a shoe, anything he could find. He’d just get angry and lash out.’
Osman’s young cousins go to the same madrassas he attended and told him the beatings were still continuing. This persuaded Osman to try to reveal the truth behind the private world of faith schools. Over a period of two years he bravely placed cameras in both schools and collected highly sensitive material for us. His experience of madrassas is not uncommon. But persuading people to go on camera about this has been difficult. One family who were willing to talk were too frightened to do so openly.
'The law must change to protect these children.'

‘Salma’ and ‘Ayesha’ are a mother and daughter whose identities we are protecting. Ayesha is now sitting her A-levels but when she was seven she was beaten at her Koran classes. She says: ‘The teacher would sit there, tell me what to read, pronounce it to me – then if I said it wrong he would hit me on the hands with a ruler.’
Her younger brother, only five at the time, would be hit on his feet with a stick. They dreaded going to those classes but did not tell their mother. Salma eventually withdrew her children from attending madrassas for a completely different reason: she learned that they were being taught an intolerant version of Islam. ‘They were using terms like “Kaffir” just because somebody isn’t of the same religion,’ she says, ‘and I’m teaching my children to integrate and not be racist so I pulled my children out.’
Academic and theologian Dr Taj Hargey invited me to visit his part-time Islamic school in Oxford where children are taught in mixed-gender classes.
Here I witnessed a modern and refreshing method of teaching. Pupils were told to respect other faiths, ask questions about their religion and recite from the Koran in English as well as Arabic.
Dr Hargey told me he set up this school because of claims that Muslim parents had made to him about beatings in other madrassas. ‘It’s an outdated, archaic concept,’ he says, ‘and if we inflict this violence we will sow the seeds of violence in them.’

Punished: One of the madrassa students is grabbed by the wrist, pulled towards the teacher in charge of the class and struck on the back
Sir Roger Singleton, former Government chief adviser on the safety of children, and Ann Cryer, former MP for Keighley, want the law to change to ban physical punishment in supplementary classes, as it does in full-time schools. ‘It just isn’t acceptable,’ says Cryer. ‘We wouldn’t allow this to happen to white kids going to Sunday schools.’
We approached the Darul Uloom Islamic High School in Birmingham with the findings of our film. It claimed that the senior student who gave the speech about Hindus was later reported by other students, and has been expelled, and that no teachers were present ‘during the incident’.
The school said that a speaker who made comments about Jews was ‘visiting’ and his views did not represent school policy. It denied that its religious instruction was hardline or extremist and said it did not tolerate hatred towards any faith group.
In a statement, the school said: ‘Our ethos is for students to be full and active participants of British society.’ It also said that it would study our evidence and take ‘disciplinary measures’ if required.
Regarding the Keighley madrassa, we were told that the Jamia Mosque committee was firm in its resolve to take whatever action was necessary to protect children being taught at the mosque and that it would give its full co-operation to any enquiries resulting from our film.
If the law on physical punishment does change, that would be one way to protect the very young that attend these classes. But these part-time and full-time Muslim schools also need closer scrutiny – the regulatory system needs to be tightened up.
However, we have a Government that, on the one hand, gives grand speeches about tackling the causes of extremism, as David Cameron did last week, while, on the other, encouraging local communities to set up their own schools – including faith schools. It’s time to stop these mixed messages.
And Muslims can no longer sweep this under the carpet – they need to face up to what is happening behind closed doors. Many warn that if we don’t all tackle this toxic mix of hatred and violence head on, we will reap the whirlwind in years to come.
* Dispatches: Lessons In Hatred And Violence is on Channel 4 tomorrow at 8pm.
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1356361/Hidden-camera-shows-beatings-religious-segregation-inside-Muslim-faith-schools.html#ixzz1DnG2bHuZ

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Fritiran Secular Liberal Minority Report: The Dictator State Saudi Arabia funds the Grand Mosque in Guthenburg, Sweden, 100%. While Muslim Brotherhood try to coup Egypt, their Islamic brothers in arms occupy Sweden.

The award-winning investigative reporting programme on Swedish National Television, SVT, reports...too late! The Swedish journalists' British colleagues at Channel Four Dispatchers and Hardcash Productions, had warned against Saudi mosques already in documentaries broadcast in 2007 and 2009, both with extensive, months long undercover recordings and filming. Despite my recommendations and some positive response, no Danish TV channel has yet released the Undercover Mosque, nor Undercover Mosque - the Return, although TV2 had considered to purchase the documentary. Most probably, everybody waits till the mosques are built, the Islamic Imperialism occupation of our territories completed, and then they would proclaim that they be afraid of Islamic militants, therefore censore the documentaries or even cancel the purchase?

The Scandinavian public service television, funded by Danish public, are grossly neglecting their obligations here.

The Islamic Imperialism new military-recruitment and military intelligence base is completed by May 2011. This happens, while Norway blocked the Saudi Arabian aggressors to build mosques in Norway, while Denmark allows Saudi axis members of the Organization of Islamic Conference, Iran, the Emirates, Turkey and others expand their operations in Denmark frantically.

Looks like Norwegians are once again alone in the fight against totalitarian aggression and occupation of Scandinavia...and once again, it seems, that Great Britain is the main force in defence of secularism, liberal-democracy against totalitarianism. Please read your WW II history once again, get active to communicate with your countries' decision makers, including your neighbours, the people, and stop the Saudi grand base in Guthenburg and the Danish mosques to open, suspend the projects till Islamic Imperialism is defeated and an unconditional surrender is declared by Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, Libya, et al, the Organization of Islamic Conference has to be brought to its knees before any more state financed and state run mosques be allowed in our territories.

Here follows my unofficial amateurish translation of the article at Uppdrag Granskning website with the link and the Swedish text bellow.


Pedram Kazemi-Esfarajni, member elect of board for the secular, liberal minority in Fritiran, a danish grass root group,

The Dictator State Saudi Arabia pays Guthenburg's new mosque
Published 2 februari 2011 - 15:00

The building of the mosque proceeds for full at Hisingen in Guthenburg. On 25 May 2011 the new mosque will be completed - financed 100% by the dictator state Saudi Arabia.

Do you know more?
Email you reports!

Mosque building in Guthenburg

2/2 Chat on the Guthenburg Mosque
2/2 Norway government says no thanks to Saudi money
2/2 School headmaster: real Muslims not homosexuals
Hising resident Susan Saberi believes that Swedish Muslims should much more clearly distance themselves from the authoritarian regimes' oppression of women and consequently say no to these regimes' money.
- One should always question such intentions, why do they wish to come here and build a mosque?
She herself is grown up in Iran - a priest theocracy like the one ruling Saudiarabien. In he opinion many delay openly to question the Saudi financing of the project.
- They do not wish to speak against it as they think: "if I say anything against it, maybe I would be siding with the party Sverigedemokraterna". And they don't want to be percieved as such. However, one could be against Sverigedomokraterna, and one should, and at the same time realise that political Islam would restrict human rights. They will restric the freedom of expression. Even here in Sweden.

67 million Swedish Kroner is the cost of the pompous mosque that is taking form between major trafficways and the old ättestupan which ends the Keillers park. And it is in fact the Saudi Arrabian state paying it. Not one Swedish tax Kroner goes into the bill. However, the only precondition has needed to go ahead with the project has been that the Swedish government accept the moeny from the Saudies.
It is not by chance that it is exactly Saudi Arabia, which is behind the many million Kroners gift. Saudi businessmen and authorities have financed many mosques and other Islamic projects around the world.
One person who has helped funnelling Saudi Arabian money gifts to Muslims in Scandinavia is the Örebro residentsom Hussein Aldaoudi, who works for Al-Risalah Foundation, and also is leader of the religious freeschool Al-Salam i Örebro.
He sees no problem with the fact that another country pays for a religious building in Sweden.
- It is charity work. It is not a mission. Mission means that I come here to convert non-Muslims to Muslims. This is in fact about Muslims should have a place to exercise their faith, he says.
Saudi Arabia is a dictatorship with a fundamentalist understanding of Islam. Wahhabism, the state religion, allows no new interpretations of the Quran. Women have no voting rights, are not allowed to drive a car, are forbidden meeting men outside the family and their court witness accounts wieghs half of that of a man. Homosexuality is forbidden and an people leaving the religion are punishable by death.
The people responsible for the mosque at Hisingen, Guthenburg, reject to participate in the programme Uppdrag granskning. However, they have earlier stated that the Saudiies had not demanded any religious obediance in return for the funding.
- It is completely unconditional, they have not asked any questions at all, but the mosque is to be run according to Swedish law, said Bachar Ghanoum from Sweden's Muslim Foundation to the news programme Västnytt.
The founder of the Islamic centre in Malmö, Bejzat Becirov, tells another story on when Saudies wanted to give him almost six million Dollar as gift:
- They wanted in return to run it alltogether. I should only stand as a front figure. I became very angry and sad, it was not any terms and conditions we could accept.
Even the mosque at Citizens Place in Stockholm received an offer by rich Saudies. However, when the financiers demanded majority vote in the board of directors and the right to appoint the Imam, the group said - precisely as in Malmö - no, thanks.
Uppdrag Granskning has repeatedly contacted the Saudi Arabien Embassy in Stockholm to get a comment and ask questions, but has not received any reply.


Pedram Kazemi-Esfarajni, member elect of board for the secular, liberal minority in Fritiran, a danish grass root group,


Diktaturstaten Saudiarabien betalar Göteborgs nya moské
Publicerad 2 februari 2011 - 15:00

Bygget pågår för fullt på Hisingen i Göteborg. Den 25 maj står den nya moskén färdig - till 100 procent finansierad av diktaturen Saudiarabien.
Vet du mer?

Mejla reportrarna!
Moskébygget i Göteborg

2/2 Chatt om Göteborgsmoskén
2/2 Norska regeringen säger nej tack till saudiska pengar
2/2 Skolchefen: Riktiga muslimer inte homosexuella
Hisingsbon Susan Saberi tycker att svenska muslimer mycket tydligare borde ta avstånd från de auktoritära regimernas kvinnoförtryck och därmed också tacka nej till deras pengar.
- Man ska alltid ifrågasätta sådana avsikter, varför vill de komma hit och bygga en moské?
Hon är själv uppvuxen i Iran - ett prästvälde likt det som styr i Saudiarabien. Enligt henne är det många som drar sig för att öppet ifrågasätta den saudiska finansieringen.
- Man vill inte säga emot och tänker att: "om jag säger emot kanske jag står bredvid Sverigedemokraterna". Och det vill man inte. Men man kan vara emot Sverigedomokraterna, och det ska man vara, och samtidigt emot politisk islam som vill begränsa mänskliga rättigheter. De vill begränsa yttrandefrihet. Till och med här i Sverige.

Susan Saberi.
67 miljoner kronor kostar den pampiga moskén som just nu tar form mellan trafiklederna och den gamla ättestupan som avslutar Keillers park. Och det är alltså den Saudiarabiska staten som betalar. Inte enda svensk skattekrona bidrar till notan. Det enda som krävdes för att sätta igång med bygget var att den svenska staten accepterade pengarna från saudierna.
Det är ingen slump att det är just Saudiarabien som står bakom mångmiljongåvan. Saudiska affärsmän och myndigheter har finansierat många moskéer och andra islamiska projekt runtom i världen.
En person som har hjälpt till att förmedla saudiarabiska pengagåvor till muslimer i Norden är örebroaren Hussein Aldaoudi som jobbar för Al-Risalahstiftelsen, också chef för den religiösa friskolan Al-Salam i Örebro.
Han ser inga problem med att ett annat land betalar för en religiös byggnad i Sverige.
- Det är välgörenhetsarbete. Det är inte mission. Mission betyder att jag kommer för att göra andra som är ickemuslimer till muslimer. Det här handlar om att muslimerna ska ha en plats för att dyrka, säger han.
Saudiarabien är en diktatur med en fundamentalistisk hållning till islam. Wahhabismen, som statsreligionen kallas, tillåter inga nytolkningar av koranen. Kvinnor har inte rösträtt, får inte köra bil, är förbjudna att umgås med män utanför familjen och deras vittnesmål väger hälften så tungt som en mans. Homosexualitet är förbjudet och den som överger religionen kan straffas med döden.
De ansvariga för moskén på Hisingen avböjer att vara med i Uppdrag granskning. Men de har tidigare sagt att saudierna inte har ställt några religiösa motkrav.
- Det är helt villkorslöst, de har inte ställt något krav alls utan moskén ska styras av svenska lagar, sade Bachar Ghanoum från Sveriges muslimska stiftelse till Västnytt.
Grundaren av Islamic center i Malmö, Bejzat Becirov, berättar en annan historia om när saudier ville ge honom nästan sex miljoner dollar i gåva:
- De skulle sköta det helt och hållet. Jag skulle bara stå som en figur. Jag blev mycket arg och ledsen, det var inga villkor som var något för oss.
Även moskén på Medborgarplatsen i Stockholm fick erbjudanden från rika saudier. Men när finansiärerna krävde majoritet i styrelsen och rätten att tillsätta Imam så sa församlingen - precis som den i Malmö - nej tack.
Uppdrag granskning har gång på gång tagit kontakt med Saudiarabiens ambassad i Stockholm för att få kommentarer och ställa frågor, men har inte fått några svar.

fredag den 4. februar 2011

Secular Liberal Minority Report: Mulsim Brotherhood spokesman, speaking from London (!) has just declared war against Israel! Atta, a Muslim Brotherhood's man, was the leader of the Hamburg cell. Never forget 9/11-2001, resist and isolate Islamic jihadism and Muslim Brotherhood

Secular Liberal Minority Report: Mulsim Brotherhood spokesman, speaking from London (!) has just declared war against Israel! Atta, a Muslim Brotherhood's man, was the leader of the Hamburg cell, one of the increasing number of mosque-based European and American Islamic mobile military units, in this case attacking New York City, Washington, and Pennsylvania, on 11. September 2001. Egyptian Islamization have to be defeated actively! In fact a process of deislamization as the denazification in Germany and reforms in Japan and Italy after the WW II would do the Middle East, Europe and elsewhere a lot of good for all people and free us from totalitarian brutalities of Islam and its allies including neo-Nazis. Do not forget that Islamists and Neo-Nazis and Ku-Klux-Klan have had and still have many common platforms like totalitarianism, violence, anti-Israeli and anti-American semtiment, and supremacy megalomania. The Iranian Foregin Policy Agency IPIS is their official common platform to delete the collective historic memory of the Holocaust, and plan a new extinction plan, and attacks on liberal democracies of the World and ultimately slavery for all but brutal Islamo-Nazists. Of course, their dream is our nightmare, and therefore, we, the humanists, the seculars, liberals, and other democratic forces of the society will defeat them, "we shall never surrender"!

Mulsim Broderhood's interview is available at the Middle East Media Research Institute, a Washington D.C. based thinktank with a broad political leadership incl. past participation by the now deceased Ambassador Richard Holbrook. Notice minute 3:27 for the open declaration of war against Israel by the Muslim Brotherhood, London branch! http://www.memritv.org/clip/en/0/0/0/0/0/0/2787.htm.

I would advise Denmark and Denmark's allies to be even more clear voicing their concern and warning to the Egyptian people: dear Egyptian people, if you should choose Islam instead of freedom and liberal democracy, thereby open up for Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaida’s general Al Zawahiri and other global jihadists in the leadership, hence create the grounds for even more aggression and Islamic military attacks on Denmark, USA, Great Britain, Israel and our other allies, then you would need to face us and our active resistance, civilian writers, newspaper reporters and cartoonists, artists and the people here, and our brave soldiers at the frontlines! We shall not accept any exapnsion of Islamic Imperialism, Isalmic paedofilia and , sharia-law, Islamic military attacks and other forms of Jihadisme, nor do we tolerate an increasingly aggressive Jihadist and neo-Nazi military alliance and subversive infitration within our borders.

Everbody, who calles Muslim Brotherhood "moderate Islamists" - as in the article in the online political magazine RAESON.dk - is urged kindly to remember the fallen civilians, firefighters, police and coast guard and other victims of September 11, 2001 attack by the Muslim Brotherhood-Al Qaida jihad operatives.

"Mohamed Mohamed el-Amir Awad el-Sayed Atta (Arabic: محمد محمد الأمير عوض السيد عطا‎, Muḥammad Muḥammad al-Āmir ‘Awaḍ as-Sayyid ‘Aṭṭa) (September 1, 1968 – September 11, 2001) was one of the masterminds and the ringleader of the September 11 attacks who served as the hijacker-pilot of American Airlines Flight 11, crashing the plane into the North Tower of the World Trade Center as part of the coordinated attacks.[1][2][3][4]...Born in 1968 in a small town in Egypt's Nile Delta, Atta moved with his family to the Abdeen section of Cairo at the age of 10. Atta studied architecture at Cairo University, graduating in 1990...Atta graduated with a degree in architecture,[14] and joined the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Engineers Syndicate organization....and continued his studies in Hamburg, Germany at the Technical University of Hamburg. In Hamburg, Atta became involved with the al-Quds Mosque, where he met Marwan al-Shehhi, Ramzi bin al-Shibh, and Ziad Jarrah, together forming the Hamburg cell (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mohamed_Atta)...and the rest is very relevant history.

People of Egypt, Denmark and elsewhere. We cannot have Egypt become yet another large safe haven for Atta's jihad-borthers!

Also read Firouzeh's blog with a letter in English from an Iranian to the Egyptians, reminding them of lessons learned from the Islamic takeover of Iran 1979: http://blogs.jp.dk/firoozeh/2011/02/02/lad-ikke-politisk-islam-komme-til-magten-i-egypten/comment-page-2/#comment-2728

Pedram Kazemi-Esfarjani, secular, liberal activist - member elect of the board of the grassroot movement Fritiran, Denmark, representing the secular, liberal minority

Deltag i det Konservative Folkepartis hoering om Egypten og oplys Danmark mod den globale Islamisk politiske, paedofilisk seksuelle, og militaere sharia-jihad mod Danmark, Egypt, mod det Iranske sekulaere mindretal, der er ved at blive udryddet, naermest etnisk udrenset ved masse-henrettelser, mod resten af Verden!

Fritiran Secular Liberal Minority Report:

Deltag i det Konservative Folkepartis hoering om Egypten og oplys Danmark mod den globale Islamisk politiske, paedofilisk seksuelle, og militaere sharia-jihad mod Danmark, Egypt, mod det Iranske sekulaere mindretal, der er ved at blive udryddet, naermest etnisk udrenset ved masse-henrettelser, mod resten af Verden! Danmark, isaer regeringspartierne skal prioritere isolering af Muslimsk Broderskab og advarsel til det Egyptiske folk mod at underkaste sig Islamisk Imperialisme, og beskrive de forudsigelige konsekvenser af en saadan Islamisk underkastelse, bl.a. en konfrontation med Verdens demokratier, fra nabolandet Israel til EU, USA og de allierede. Jeg har foelgende henstillinger til det Konservative Folkeparti.
Jeg kan desvaerre selv ikke deltage, men vil opfordre alle liberale, liberal-konservative og andre demokratiske sekulaere medlemmer af Fritiran og Danakere i al almindelighed til at deltage og tale imod Islam, Muslimsk Broderskab og Islamofil diplomati, der kun bringer os storkrige og for Egypterne villle det bringe samme ulykke som Islam har bragt for Iran og Nazismen bragte Tyskland i 1930-1945. Islamisk magtovertagelse vil bringe vaerre undertrykkelse end Egypterne kunne forestille sig. Mubaraks brutale diktatur blegner i sammenligning med Islamiske stater som Saudi-Arabien, Iran, Golf-staterne, de facto Pakistan og desvaerre snart de facto Trykiet, der begge er ved at blive undergravet aktivt af Isalmister, og Forenede Stater, der snart kunne underkastes Organization of Islamic Conferences vold og intimidering, om ikke vores diplomater og Udenrigsministre retter ryggen og holder hovedet oppe og stopped med at bukke og neje!
Mubaraks diktatur skal reformeres til sekulaer demokratisering med aktiv isolering af Muslimsk Broderskab og ved behov efter en program af deislamisering, som processerne af denazifikation og reformer af Hirohitos Japan. Dengang skete det efter WW II og ubetinget kapitulation fra Tysklands, Italiens og Japans axis. Nu skal det ske med haandfast diplomati med en sund portion militaer realisme bag, saa jihadisterne i Muslimsk Broderskab isoleres, deres sympatisoerer vaekket til 21. aarhundredes realisme, og hvis ikke saettes paa plads med militaer magt, men ikke Mubaraks semi-Islamistiske stat, men med vores egne styrker. Vi har saadan set ikke andet valg, hvis Egypterne vaelger jihadisterne i Muslimsk Broderskab. Iranske raketter, Egyptiske blokader af Suez Canal, atombomber fra Pakistan og Iran, de mange hundreder mobile militaere Islamiske enheder, kan ellers foele, at jihad er gratis for dem! Nej, det skal koste dyrt!
Se blot paa billederne fra Tahrir Square: en dukke med en David Stjerne haenger fra en kran, midt i pladsen og masser af skaeggede maend og deres hijab og endda niqab og burka-klaedte koner i billedet, maendende i masse raaben Allah-u-Akbar...det er jo en Muslimsk Broderskab rally, og ikke noget pro-demokrati bevaegelse vi ser. De dominerer billedet allerede med vold, og de vil haenge mennesker ned fra kranerne i fremtiden og stener kvinder, hvad de Islamiske stater elsker at goere. Hvis Folketinget og regeringen give nogen som helst legitimitet til Muslimsk Broderskab, tager Folketinget og regeringen medansvar for deres forudsigelige sharia-forbrydelser mod menneskeheden paa forhaand.

Realtistisk set kan Danmark og Danmarks demokratiske allierede ikke baere den massive militaere aggression fra Islamiske Imperialisme uden at det kunne ende i en storkrig, som alle folk og familier helst vil undgaa. De har angrebet den Amerikanske ambassade og taget personale gidsel i 444 dage i 1979, angrebet USA i 1995, foerste angreb paa WTC i NYC, pga. accept af Islam, angreb de igen i 2001, bragt Twin Towers ned til aske, kunne have draebt 12-15000 civile, pga. massiv selv-opofrelse fra bl.a. over 300 professionelle og frivillige brandfolk endte drabstallet med over 3000 civile, brandfolk, politi og coast guard folk. De har angrebet og braendt den Danske Ambassade i Beirut, Damaskus, Tehran og Islam-abad (meget beskrivende navn denne by har Isalmisk trivende stad!). Nu er de ved at goere det, som Vatikanet har gjort i mange hundreder af aar, give sig paa vores mindreaarige, naar de ikke kan tortere os voksne endnu, begaa paedofili og ulovlige aegteskaber med ignorante, naive umyndige unge, derigennem terrorisere ikke bare disse unge, men ogsaa deres foraeldre og omgangskred og nationen som saadan. Det er kontrol og magt, de er efter, og de bruger alle midler, totalitaere som de er, lige fra seksuelt misbrug iflg. Islamisk sharia til mobile militaere angreb, som I andre kalder terrorisme, men egentlig er velplanlagte militaere operationer som oftest, og de angriber vores styrker med organiserede haere som de goer i Iraq og Afghanistan og Iran-Hizbullah-Hamas-Muslimsk Broderskab gjorde og planlaegger at goere igen mod vores naermeste allierede i Mellmoesten, Israel...naa, jeg glemte, at vi har saa mange anti-Israelske og endda en del joede-hadere blandt vores elite...men selv en antisemitisk Dansker maa goere sig klar, at efter Israel kommer turen til Danmark og andre, hvis Islamisk Imperialisme inkl. den krigs-erklaerende, jihadist organisation Muslimsk Broderskab, anerkendes og gives rum til at ekspandere.

Vores love bliver daglig undergravet med shariadomstole allerede, og at anerkende Muslimsk Broderskab som en "pro-demokrati" gruppering er direkte usand og forkastelig, ja graensende til kriminel neglekt af oplysningspligt og vaerre kriminalitet mod det Danske folk og vores allierede. Hvis det Egyptiske folk vaelger Muslimsk Broderskab, ja, saa er de fjender af Danmark, og har allerede via deres talsmand i London erklaeret embargo af Suez Canal og krig mod vores allierede, Israel og os alle.

Folketinget og regeringen skal istedet for at bilde folk ind, at der findes "moderate Islamister", starte at udforme en ambitioes og klarsproget handlingsplan for at haandtere forskellige scenarier i Egypt, og annoncere overfor det Egyptiske folk og vores allierede USA og Storbritannien osv. at Muslimsk Broderskab og andre teokrater og totalitaere styrker skal isoleres og fordoemmes. Hvis Egypten ikke har nogen sekulaere, demokratiske styrker til at erstatte diktaturet, skal man goere klar og annoncere, at den eneste vej udenom en storkrig regionalt og internationalt er, at Egyptens sekulaere tager sig sammen og organiserer sig under det internationale samfunds beskyttelse og overvaagning, og uddannes paa vores universiteter og deres egne til at forstaa liberal demokrati og anti-korruption-indstilling til governance, og det skal tage den tid, det tager, og saa skal militaerdiktaturet kun goere det, de burde, beskytte landets territoriale graenser og organisere ny, mere human politi-styrke, der skaber ro og orden i gader og straeder.

Selvom Egyptere bander og svovler over USA og Israel, og Europa, kigger de meget noeje paa hvad vores ledere siger og goer, og vil meget sandsynligt acceptere en mere fredelig og en sekulaer retning i reformer, i stedet for en Islamiske ledt revolution, hvis bare vores ledere her i de demokratiske lande melder klart imod Muslimsk Broderskab. De ville Iranere ogsaa have gjort i 1979, hvis ikke BBC og andre Vestlige medier og hvis ikke Frankrig og Jimmy Carters USA ikke saa hurtigt havde bakket den tossede Islamiske revolte, og i stedet havde isoleret Khomeini og sendt ham tilbage til Najaf istedet for at give ham en international platform i Paris af alle ultra-sekulaere storbyer!! Istedet kunne folk som Bakhtiar, en sekulaer national-liberal og andre sekulaere styrker vaeret de eneste man talte med og stoettede. Realtistisk set ville resultatet bestemt vaere blevet bedre, og i vaerste fald ville det have medfoert samme helvede, som Islam alliegevel vil bringe med sig. Jeres bejlen til Muslimsk Broderskab vil ikke mildne deres totalitaere, jihadistiske strategi og taktikker. Jeres offentlige modstand mod Muslimsk Broderskab og stormoske-byggerier i Danmark og andre lande, kunne til gengaeld give de sekulaere kraefter mere moralsk og offentlig stoette. De skulaere, isaer de liberale sekulaere og liberal-konservative sekulaere, har opbakning blandt mange i Mellemoesten, men Jeres omklamrign af Muslimsk Broderskab og disses aggressivitet og intimidering, ja kran-galger og sten, intimiderer dem til tavshed og passivitet.

Med venlig hilsen

Pedram Kazemi-Esfarjani, valgt bestyrelsesmedlem, Fritirans sekulaere, liberale mindretal


Pressemeddelelse 4. februar 2011
Høring om udviklingen i Mellemøsten"Der er behov for at genoverveje de gamle præmisser for dansk, europæisk og amerikansk udenrigspolitik over for de arabiske lande.” Mellemøsten – hvad nu?

Konservatives udenrigsordfører Naser Khader afholder i samarbejde med Institut for Menneskerettigheder høring om udviklingen i Mellemøsten. Høringen finder sted onsdag d. 9. februar 2011 kl. 13.30 – 15.30 i Fællessalen på Christiansborg.
De seneste ugers massive sociale protester i de arabiske lande har givet nye og ukendte kræfter til de demokratiske bevægelser, som i mange år har været succesfuldt undertrykt af de autoritære regeringer.

”Situationen i Mellemøsten er ved at ændre sig radikalt i disse dage. De massive protester viser, at der er stærke civile og sekulære kræfter, der vil demokratiet. Derfor er der behov for at genoverveje de gamle præmisser for dansk, europæisk og amerikansk udenrigspolitik over for de arabiske lande,” siger Naser Khader og indkalder til høring om situationen i Mellemøsten.

Formålet med høringen er at diskutere situationen i de arabiske lande - hvilke prioriteter skal vi lægge til grund for dansk udenrigspolitik over for de arabiske lande? Og skal man støtte demokrati og risikere ustabilitet, eller skal man fortsat bakke om status quo, som har vist sig mere ustabil end forventet?

Charlotte Flindt Pedersen fra Institut for Menneskerettigheder understreger at de folkelige, sociale protester i Tunesien har formået at bane vej for en demokratisk udvikling.

” Vi har en enestående mulighed for at præge udviklingen, hvis dansk udenrigspolitik støtter aktivt om menneskerettigheder og demokrati i de arabiske lande ,” siger Charlotte Flindt Pedersen.


13.30 Åbning ved Naser Khader, MF (K)

13.45 Udenrigsminister Lene Espersen

13.55 Charlotte Flindt Petersen, direktør, Institut for Menneskerettigheder

14.05 Panel diskussion: Skal man støtte de demokratiske bevægelser?

Mogens Lykketoft, MF (S), Naser Khader, MF (K), Jakob Skovgård-Petersen, dr. Phil, KU Helle Malmvig, seniorforsker, Ph.D. (DIIS) samt Hanna Ziadeh, stud.Ph.D. (Institut for Menneskerettigheder)

15.05 Åben diskussion

15.30 Afrunding

Tilmelding til konferencen skal ske til Nina Berg Behnke på mailadressen kfnibb@ft.dk senest den 8. februar. Alternativt kan du kontakte Nina på telefon 33 37 43 11