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Fritiran Secular Liberal Minority Report: The Dictator State Saudi Arabia funds the Grand Mosque in Guthenburg, Sweden, 100%. While Muslim Brotherhood try to coup Egypt, their Islamic brothers in arms occupy Sweden.

The award-winning investigative reporting programme on Swedish National Television, SVT, reports...too late! The Swedish journalists' British colleagues at Channel Four Dispatchers and Hardcash Productions, had warned against Saudi mosques already in documentaries broadcast in 2007 and 2009, both with extensive, months long undercover recordings and filming. Despite my recommendations and some positive response, no Danish TV channel has yet released the Undercover Mosque, nor Undercover Mosque - the Return, although TV2 had considered to purchase the documentary. Most probably, everybody waits till the mosques are built, the Islamic Imperialism occupation of our territories completed, and then they would proclaim that they be afraid of Islamic militants, therefore censore the documentaries or even cancel the purchase?

The Scandinavian public service television, funded by Danish public, are grossly neglecting their obligations here.

The Islamic Imperialism new military-recruitment and military intelligence base is completed by May 2011. This happens, while Norway blocked the Saudi Arabian aggressors to build mosques in Norway, while Denmark allows Saudi axis members of the Organization of Islamic Conference, Iran, the Emirates, Turkey and others expand their operations in Denmark frantically.

Looks like Norwegians are once again alone in the fight against totalitarian aggression and occupation of Scandinavia...and once again, it seems, that Great Britain is the main force in defence of secularism, liberal-democracy against totalitarianism. Please read your WW II history once again, get active to communicate with your countries' decision makers, including your neighbours, the people, and stop the Saudi grand base in Guthenburg and the Danish mosques to open, suspend the projects till Islamic Imperialism is defeated and an unconditional surrender is declared by Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, Libya, et al, the Organization of Islamic Conference has to be brought to its knees before any more state financed and state run mosques be allowed in our territories.

Here follows my unofficial amateurish translation of the article at Uppdrag Granskning website with the link and the Swedish text bellow.


Pedram Kazemi-Esfarajni, member elect of board for the secular, liberal minority in Fritiran, a danish grass root group,

The Dictator State Saudi Arabia pays Guthenburg's new mosque
Published 2 februari 2011 - 15:00

The building of the mosque proceeds for full at Hisingen in Guthenburg. On 25 May 2011 the new mosque will be completed - financed 100% by the dictator state Saudi Arabia.

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Mosque building in Guthenburg

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Hising resident Susan Saberi believes that Swedish Muslims should much more clearly distance themselves from the authoritarian regimes' oppression of women and consequently say no to these regimes' money.
- One should always question such intentions, why do they wish to come here and build a mosque?
She herself is grown up in Iran - a priest theocracy like the one ruling Saudiarabien. In he opinion many delay openly to question the Saudi financing of the project.
- They do not wish to speak against it as they think: "if I say anything against it, maybe I would be siding with the party Sverigedemokraterna". And they don't want to be percieved as such. However, one could be against Sverigedomokraterna, and one should, and at the same time realise that political Islam would restrict human rights. They will restric the freedom of expression. Even here in Sweden.

67 million Swedish Kroner is the cost of the pompous mosque that is taking form between major trafficways and the old ättestupan which ends the Keillers park. And it is in fact the Saudi Arrabian state paying it. Not one Swedish tax Kroner goes into the bill. However, the only precondition has needed to go ahead with the project has been that the Swedish government accept the moeny from the Saudies.
It is not by chance that it is exactly Saudi Arabia, which is behind the many million Kroners gift. Saudi businessmen and authorities have financed many mosques and other Islamic projects around the world.
One person who has helped funnelling Saudi Arabian money gifts to Muslims in Scandinavia is the Örebro residentsom Hussein Aldaoudi, who works for Al-Risalah Foundation, and also is leader of the religious freeschool Al-Salam i Örebro.
He sees no problem with the fact that another country pays for a religious building in Sweden.
- It is charity work. It is not a mission. Mission means that I come here to convert non-Muslims to Muslims. This is in fact about Muslims should have a place to exercise their faith, he says.
Saudi Arabia is a dictatorship with a fundamentalist understanding of Islam. Wahhabism, the state religion, allows no new interpretations of the Quran. Women have no voting rights, are not allowed to drive a car, are forbidden meeting men outside the family and their court witness accounts wieghs half of that of a man. Homosexuality is forbidden and an people leaving the religion are punishable by death.
The people responsible for the mosque at Hisingen, Guthenburg, reject to participate in the programme Uppdrag granskning. However, they have earlier stated that the Saudiies had not demanded any religious obediance in return for the funding.
- It is completely unconditional, they have not asked any questions at all, but the mosque is to be run according to Swedish law, said Bachar Ghanoum from Sweden's Muslim Foundation to the news programme Västnytt.
The founder of the Islamic centre in Malmö, Bejzat Becirov, tells another story on when Saudies wanted to give him almost six million Dollar as gift:
- They wanted in return to run it alltogether. I should only stand as a front figure. I became very angry and sad, it was not any terms and conditions we could accept.
Even the mosque at Citizens Place in Stockholm received an offer by rich Saudies. However, when the financiers demanded majority vote in the board of directors and the right to appoint the Imam, the group said - precisely as in Malmö - no, thanks.
Uppdrag Granskning has repeatedly contacted the Saudi Arabien Embassy in Stockholm to get a comment and ask questions, but has not received any reply.


Pedram Kazemi-Esfarajni, member elect of board for the secular, liberal minority in Fritiran, a danish grass root group,

Diktaturstaten Saudiarabien betalar Göteborgs nya moské
Publicerad 2 februari 2011 - 15:00

Bygget pågår för fullt på Hisingen i Göteborg. Den 25 maj står den nya moskén färdig - till 100 procent finansierad av diktaturen Saudiarabien.
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Moskébygget i Göteborg

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Hisingsbon Susan Saberi tycker att svenska muslimer mycket tydligare borde ta avstånd från de auktoritära regimernas kvinnoförtryck och därmed också tacka nej till deras pengar.
- Man ska alltid ifrågasätta sådana avsikter, varför vill de komma hit och bygga en moské?
Hon är själv uppvuxen i Iran - ett prästvälde likt det som styr i Saudiarabien. Enligt henne är det många som drar sig för att öppet ifrågasätta den saudiska finansieringen.
- Man vill inte säga emot och tänker att: "om jag säger emot kanske jag står bredvid Sverigedemokraterna". Och det vill man inte. Men man kan vara emot Sverigedomokraterna, och det ska man vara, och samtidigt emot politisk islam som vill begränsa mänskliga rättigheter. De vill begränsa yttrandefrihet. Till och med här i Sverige.

Susan Saberi.
67 miljoner kronor kostar den pampiga moskén som just nu tar form mellan trafiklederna och den gamla ättestupan som avslutar Keillers park. Och det är alltså den Saudiarabiska staten som betalar. Inte enda svensk skattekrona bidrar till notan. Det enda som krävdes för att sätta igång med bygget var att den svenska staten accepterade pengarna från saudierna.
Det är ingen slump att det är just Saudiarabien som står bakom mångmiljongåvan. Saudiska affärsmän och myndigheter har finansierat många moskéer och andra islamiska projekt runtom i världen.
En person som har hjälpt till att förmedla saudiarabiska pengagåvor till muslimer i Norden är örebroaren Hussein Aldaoudi som jobbar för Al-Risalahstiftelsen, också chef för den religiösa friskolan Al-Salam i Örebro.
Han ser inga problem med att ett annat land betalar för en religiös byggnad i Sverige.
- Det är välgörenhetsarbete. Det är inte mission. Mission betyder att jag kommer för att göra andra som är ickemuslimer till muslimer. Det här handlar om att muslimerna ska ha en plats för att dyrka, säger han.
Saudiarabien är en diktatur med en fundamentalistisk hållning till islam. Wahhabismen, som statsreligionen kallas, tillåter inga nytolkningar av koranen. Kvinnor har inte rösträtt, får inte köra bil, är förbjudna att umgås med män utanför familjen och deras vittnesmål väger hälften så tungt som en mans. Homosexualitet är förbjudet och den som överger religionen kan straffas med döden.
De ansvariga för moskén på Hisingen avböjer att vara med i Uppdrag granskning. Men de har tidigare sagt att saudierna inte har ställt några religiösa motkrav.
- Det är helt villkorslöst, de har inte ställt något krav alls utan moskén ska styras av svenska lagar, sade Bachar Ghanoum från Sveriges muslimska stiftelse till Västnytt.
Grundaren av Islamic center i Malmö, Bejzat Becirov, berättar en annan historia om när saudier ville ge honom nästan sex miljoner dollar i gåva:
- De skulle sköta det helt och hållet. Jag skulle bara stå som en figur. Jag blev mycket arg och ledsen, det var inga villkor som var något för oss.
Även moskén på Medborgarplatsen i Stockholm fick erbjudanden från rika saudier. Men när finansiärerna krävde majoritet i styrelsen och rätten att tillsätta Imam så sa församlingen - precis som den i Malmö - nej tack.
Uppdrag granskning har gång på gång tagit kontakt med Saudiarabiens ambassad i Stockholm för att få kommentarer och ställa frågor, men har inte fått några svar.