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Undercover Mosque: debate between a political refugee vs. tyrants of Iran

Dear secular and atheist friends,

the first newpaper for the illegal Danish anti-Nazi resistence during 1940´ies, the Dagbladet Information, still lives and has published a historic exchange between exile-Iranian dissidents and the diplomatic and ideological agents of the Islamic Imperialistic military junta of Iran! Please read, distribute, comment and investigate the freely with proper reference to Dagbladet Information's original Danish language Op-Eds. Also, as secular activists, please show active resistence to the Islamic Imperialism and diminish their new offensive: building multiple Trojan Horses - "Islamic Mosques, Sharia Schools, Sharia courts and Cultural Centres" - to spread their network of military intelligence-, recruitment and operations and Sharia injustice within our infra-structure and against our own infra-structure and lives and those of our allies.


Dr Pedram Kazemi-Esfarjani, liberal-secular activist, atheist

No to Iranian propaganda-mosque
Call to Danes and the Danish left-wing politicians: Do not support the grand mosque at Vibevej road- it will become a propaganda central for the Iranian clergy-regime and a platform for fundamentalist brain wash of unadjusted members of immigrant youth
By: Hussein Ferdowsipour
14. april 2010 | Historik
Published on the internet at information.dk 14. april 2010,19:15. Printed version 15. april 2010 on page 17 in 1. section. Latest update 14. april 2010, 20:55.
I am writing this, because I feel squeezed. Squeezed between the Danish right wing with Pia Kjærsgaard in the lead, who perceives almost every muslim as a potential terrorist, and the Danish left-wing politicians, who in a wellmeaning attempt to accept of other ethnic people overlook most basic human rights. I am a board member of Frit Iran, a grassroot organization of exile-Iranians, who fight, using peaceful means, for a demokratic Iran.
Many of us have experienced the oppression of fundamentalism on our own bodies. More have been subject to harsh physicial and psychological torture and yearlong imprisonment. I am myself one of the over five million Iranians, who have been forced to exile since 1979.
Through the years I have experienced consequences of the xenophobic atmosphere, which the Danish right wing has put energy in spreading. Let me illustrate this by an example concerning a good friend. Ashkan Panjeheighalehei, also a board member at of Frit Iran, was deported from Denmark to Iran after biased case processing by immigration authorities. Three years after he succeeded anew to flee and reunite with the rest of his family in Denmark. Here he told, how he with bloody clothes and wrist, which was sutured hastily after unsuccesful suicide attempt at Copenhagen International Airport at Kastrup - and quite against medical advice from hospital staff - had been flown to Iran and handed over to his tormentors in Teheran. Thereafter he had to go through 23 months confinement in the ayatollahs´ secret prisons, where he was subject to harsh torture, without ever being presented for any court proceeding.
Owned by the Iranian state
The problem arises, when various minority rights collide. At present we experience horrifying examples of how the left-wing politicians set aside both women´s rights, children´s rights and freedom of expression only to show concern for, what they imagine, is the right to retain and practice own religion and culture.
I am addressing the project regarding a mosque by the name Imam Ali, which soon is to be built at Vibevej in Copenhagen Northwest neighbourhood.
The shocking fact is, that Denmark´s first real mosque will both be financed and owned by the Iranian state. That means, owned by a regime, which practices Sharia law, rapes women and men in its prisons and stones and mutilates its own citizens in full public display.
Behind the mosque is standing a foundation called Ahl-Ul-Beyt, which already runs 68 other centres for Iran´s clergy-rule around the World. The foundation has as its goal to promote the Islamic Republic of Iran´s views, which shows from the list of its board members, many of which are hardboiled Holocaust deniers.
Why dares the Danish left-wing politicians not take the discussion about the mosque, which based on available documentation is intended as a platform for dessimination of the way of approaching matters, which are tightly related to Sharia law and legitimizes crimes such as amputation of arms and legs and stoning of women? Approaches, which left-wing politicians in any other context would oppose without compromise, and here brutally undermine women´s rights, children´s rights, the right of atheists?
Sophisticated operation
Looking into those centres that Ahl-Ul-Beyt Foundaton is running around the globe, one gets some insight into, what the idea behind the mosque at Vibevej in Copenhagen Northwest neighbourhood be.
The foundation´s centres in Africa and Asia have become an axis for radicalization of local muslim communities. The mosques payout mony to the poor, who in return convert to Shia-Islam. With this regard they are subjected to religious education, which is permeated by the clergy-rule´s official stance and its political visions.
The Repulic of Azerbajdjan has deemed Ahl-ul-bayt´s presence in that country a threat and closed down their centre there. Similarly South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Thailand, Singapore and a few countries in Central Asia have banned Ahl-ul-bayt´s activities.
In the West, Ahl-Ul-Beyt is operating in a more sophisticated manner. mere raffineret. Externally they present their centres as peaceful places for sport, culture and celebration of religious holy fiests (at some locations the centres received state funding for these innocent activities). However, at the same time big sums are accumulated and transfered to build similar projects at locations in the World, where a far more radical-fundamentalist practice is preached.
Groups associated to Ahlul Bayts mosque in Hamborg, Germany, where involved in the assassination of four leaders of the Kurdish Democratic Party in Berlin i 1992. The Ahlul Bayts mosque in London has similarly created a framework for recruiting of terrorists, death threats against the British-Indian author Salman Rushdie, and espionage against exile-Iranians.
The Imam at the planned grand mosque at Vibevej, Mehdi Khademi, was untill 2004 empolyed at the Iranian Islamic Revolution Guard Corps´ department of ideology, whereafter he has switched the military helmet to a turban and was handpicked by the clergy-rule to transfer to Denmark. He must be suspected to have connections to Iran´s ill-reputed intelligence services, especially in lue of his past working collaboration with experts in brain washing and recruiting of new members to the holy cause.
Directly from the clergy-rule

Ahl-Ul-Beyt has as its assignment to mission for a form of islam, which rules and regulation is dictated directly by the clergy-rule in Iran - thus from a fundamentalist state, which is ill-reputed for its oppression, not only towards other religious communities, but also against competing versions of Islam, thereby oppressing Sunnies, Alavits, moderate muslims, Sufi muslims and secular muslims, all subject to persecutation.
This pitch-black ideology, which will dominate within the new mosque. Most exile-Iranians do not perceive the mosque as a forum, where muslims freely practice their belief, but rather yet another location that can be used as a base for espionage against us and a place, where the integration of immigrants be undermined. After 11. of September we have observed a marginalization of people of muslim background, where the media primarily have been preoccupied by us, when any bloody conflicts and sensatinal stories happened. During the same period some of our youth have lost their foothold in the society, where they have been born and grown up, which in turn has fertilized the grounds for exstremist views.
Thus Hizbollah has gained a larger recruitment in Danmark, the same can be told about Hamas. Now it is the ayatollahs´ turn to handpick our youngsters. And this time with support from the Danish left-wing politicians!
The building of the new mosque is about more than just the issue of freedom of religion and respect for minority cultures. It is about Iran´s wish to grasp political-religious power in Denmark and to create discord, distrust and insecurity amongst the immigrant milieu.
Therefore, dear left wing, wake up to reality. This is serious. Listen to the prrotests against the Imam Ali
Mosque and Culture Centre.
Hussein Ferdowsipour is a freelance journalist.
Today at 16.00 Frit Iran and other exile-Iranians hold a peaceful demonstration in front of the City Hall, where the mosque is to be debated


"Baseless accusations about the mosque", claims the Islamic Iranian Embassy first secretary

The Iranian Embassy has nothing to do with the planned grand mosque at Vibevej road - the claim comes from doubtful exile-iranian circles
By: Ali Reza Jabbari, first secretary at the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Copenhagen, Denmark
21. april 2010 | Historik
In Danish only at information.dk 21. april 2010, 19:15. Printed issue 22. april 2010 on page 16 in 1. section. Latest update 21. april 2010, 21:06.
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refugee and asylum, human rights, mosques in Denmark, religion
Dagbladet Information (established in 1940´ies as the illegal Danish resistence newspaper, now a newspaper in the league of the British The Guardian,The Independent, The Observer etc.)
Iran, Copenhagen
In Information 15. april one could read an article on the projected Imam Ali-mosque in Copenhagen, which contains both wrongful reports and baseless accusations against the Embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran in Copenhagen.
The author of the article (Hussein Ferdowsipour, editor) presents himself as the leader of an organization called Frit Iran. It is ironic, that members of the terror-organizationen MKO (‘Peopl´s Mujahedin’, editor) feel themselves be called to speak out about a free Iran. During the war forced on by Iraq in 1980’ies the Iranians defended their country against all odds with their blood. They had to, during this endeavour, also guard themselves against traitors within own ranks, who acted as the fifth column acted on behalf of the enemy and recruited innocent youngsters to a especially established army division in Iraq, which was to attack their compatriots. Those, who were lucky enough to get away from MKO security apparatus at the Ashraf-camp in Northren Bagdad, sought political asylum in the West claiming there were persecuted. On their asylum applications, however, they noted nothing about the trison that they had commited against their country or about MKO’s terrorizing the Iranian people during a time of war and suffering. Rather they filled their applications with stories that appealed to the Danish humanitarian instincts and peace-loving conscience.
They are terrotists
Most Iranian citizens in Denmark are dignified and lawabiding citizens, wo are well-integrated in the Danish society, but a little minority of these citizens have a hardened background as terrorists, and their newest recruits act as foot soldiers and speakers for interest groups, which are determined to perpetrate extensive slander of Iran. It is surprizing that a well-respected Danish newspaper offer itself as a platform for a bunch, whose only contribution to the Danish society has been to organize demonstrations and unrest in front of the Iranian Embassy.
It is a fact, that in Iran mosques are seldom built by the government itself. Most mosques are built thanks to donations from the believers. In the islamic Iran khoms - a religious tax, which consists of one fifth of a citizen's annual income after most expenses are paid - lays the foundation for most charity work, including building of hospitals, mosques, orphanages and other humanitarian activities. The Imam Ali-mosque has possibly attempted to acquire financing from such sources, but the Iranian Embassy in Denmark must categorically reject, that we in any way should have given assistance to financing, drafting or building of the mosque at Vibevej road.
Engaged in dialogue
It is worth noting, that a Shia Muslim mosque has operated in Copenhagen in nearly ten years without ever having preached violence or disobedience towards Danish values and laws. On the contrary, it has continuously been in dialogue with the local community, church leaders, and the and congregation to promote better dialogue between religious communities and integration and religious tolerance. It is difficult to see, how building a mosque in an orderly architectural framework could change these functions, which by the way also are approved by the Danish authorities.
Iranians have inherited tolerance towards other races and religions from their forfathers. As the Persian King Cyrus the Great conqured Babylon in 500 BC, he freed all slaves and prisoners and proclaimed, that all were free to practice their prefered religion. This decret was carved in on a cylinder (which is to be found at the British Museum) and is internationally recognized as the first human rights declaration.
Those, who oppose building of a mosque in Copenhagen, would be wise to visit Iranian cities and see the churches and synagogues and other places of worship. It could teach them one or two things about religious tolerance and freedom to practice own belief, which are basic principles for individual freedom and human rights.
Regarding accuastions of terrorism, is it not timely that the Danish media stop forwarding these rediculous stereotypes about Iran, which are being sought to be spead by opponents of the Iranian nation, henchmen and others, who only try to defer attention from their own crimes in the Middle East.
It is regretable, when Danish press Det er beklageligt, når dansk presse spread accusations, which cannot be backed by evidence.
Ali Reza Jabbari is first secratary at the Iranian Embassy in Copenhagen
(The author of the herein commented article, the exile-Iranian Hussein Ferdowsipour, rejects that he at any time at all should have been a member of MKO, editor)


Fear creating agitation about the mosque at Vibevej
Islam without violence, terror and with respect for human rights is a wish for all, who work at the mosque at Vibevej. There is no difference between Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Zoroastrians, blacks, whites, Arabs or Turkseller
By: S.M.M. Khademi, imam and chairman for Imam Ali Islamic Center
25. april 2010 | Historik
Lagt på information.dk 25. april 2010 kl. 17:15. Bragt i den trykte udgave 26. april 2010 på side 21 i 1. sektion. Senest opdateret 26. april 2010 kl. 13:16.
Opslag til denne artikel
Emneord:islam, stormoské
Steder:Iran, København
On 14. april a H. Ferdowsipour wrote an article in Information, where he - besides throwing dirt on the undersigned, the imam and responsible leader of Imam Ali Islamic Center - puts forward some lies and vicious statements with the goal to cast suspicion both on my person and the forthcoming mosque project at Vibevej.
He marginalizes by his way of his agitation all here residing Iranians and Islam and is not promotnig in any way the possibility for a worthy integration and a peaceful co-existence characterized by tolerance, enlightenment, understanding and respect for each other - regardless of belief and political views.
I wish to start with presenting myself: My name is S. Mohammad Mehdi Khademi, I am born in Isfahan in 1962 in a very well-known and respectable family. After school years, in 1977 I went to Ghom to study (Islam and Sharia - edit.english). After compeleted studies I taught in 12 years as tutor at the Theological Faculty in Ghom until 2001 - except for ca. nin months, when I taught in another city. In 1991 I received several recognitions from Theological centres in Ghom, and Najaf in Iraq.
Until I emigrated to Denmark in 2001, I have not one day worked for the Iranian Islamic Republic, and therefor I chose to report H. Ferdowsipour to the Police for hais grave slander. Mr. Ferdowsipour should very well prove the judge in court, that his following claims be truthful:
That the Iranian state owns the Imam Ali Islamic Center.
That the mosque project is being built by money from the Iranian state.
That the Islamic organization Ahlul Bait supports the project economically (financially red.english)
That the Ahlul Bait organization denies the Holocaust.
That employees at the mosque accept and recognize stoning and amputation of arms and legs as punishment.
That I until 2004 have been part of the militia organization and worked in the ideological section in Iran.
That I and my employees at the mosque gather information about him and his organizationation.
All can come
As mentioned I have since 2001 resided in Denmark and functioned as imam in Imam Ali Center at Vibevej. It can be confirmed by many Muslims and non-Muslims and the Police via my passport.
Mr. Ferdowsipour must be a forgetful liar as he in the programme Deadline at DR2 (16. april) claimed, that I until 2008 have been active member of the militia in Iran? He forgot immediately, that he in his article in Information wrote, that I until 2004 have been a member of a militia organization!
How can it be, that he speaks for all exile-Iranians in Denmark, but as he and his organization arranged the demonstration in front of the City Hall, no more than 30-40 persons attended?
Since 2001 I have functioned as imam in the mosque at Vibevej in tolerance wih the Danish society. My biggest wish is a peaceful co-existence between diverse groups and congregations. I will present the true and loving Islam. An Islam without violence, terror and with respect for humn rights. For us employees at the Vibevej-moskeen There is no difference between Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Zoroastrians, blacks, whites, Arabs or Turks or, Shia or Sunni. We respect all and everyone. We all orginate from the same mother and father. For me an antisemit is as appalling as an antimuslim.
Our goal with the building a good-looking mosque is, that people - regardless of their belief and stance - be able to come here and in a beautiful and peaceful environment talk about God. We are therefor building a big and modern amphitheater, where there can be arranged lectures, conferences and debating evenings, where people with different background and views can meet for better understanding of each other.

Although I am an Iranian and love my country, it is no hinderance for me of course to respect the Danish laws and regulations. I will never as much as consider to be the long arm for another country and agitate against Denmark, this gorgeous country and its honest and enlightened people. I and my family are a part of this society, and my son is going to a Danish school.
I am proud of the fact that my mosquw is the only mosque in the country, where we celebrate at the birthday of Jesus on 24. December. My mosque has the best relations to the Danish population and various churches in Copenhagen. We visit the churches here, and they visit our mosque.
I wish that the picture of Islam created by the media be revised. There should not be fear and uncertainty among the Danish population. We will build a house of God - and not a house of Iranian Islamic Republic!
Rightwing views
In September 2009 2.481 names and signatures and addresses were delivered to the Copenhagen City Council - among these were many non-Muslims - who wish to support the mosque project economically (financially - red.english), and these numbers have grown larger during past six months.

Mr. Ferdowsipour and people like him create impressions of animosity and uneasiness and fear among the Danish population. That of him chosen designaion "grand mosque" - for the recently approved mosque building project at Vibevej - is synonymous with increased risc for terror, according to his article in Information.
if Mr. Ferdowsipour´s thesis, that a square metre area equals risc for terror, I can calm him by saying that the mosque project is ca. 300 sqm less than the present worn down factory buildinigs at Vibevej, where I have since 2001 been imam. The claimed square metre- related progressive terrorrisc is this case degressive!
‘Grand mosque’ is used consciously by Ferdowsipour in his manipulation of especially the left wing - although his article at several instances indicates rightwing views.
I look forward with joy as imam - and on behalf of my congregation - that we within near future shall take a beautiful environment in use at Vibevej and continue to work for a peaceful co-existence characterized by love of the next.
S. M. M. Khademi is imam and chairman Imam Ali Islamisk Center

lørdag den 28. august 2010

Copenhagen among 111 Cities Against Stoning, 28 August 2010

Koebenhavn blandt 111 Byer mod Stening 28 August 2010 - Copenhagen among 111 Cities Against Stoning, 28 August 2010

Sammen med folk fra 111 byer paa alle fem kontinenter, loerdag 28 August 2010, en gruppe af dedikerede politiske flygtninge fra Iran og Danske venner gennemfoerte en ansigt-til-ansigt oplysnings-samtale om og mod stening og andre Sharia-forbrydelser mod menneskeheden. Der blev uddelt oplysende loebesedler til flere end 60 Danskere af forskellige herkomst og idegrundlag, inkl. ateister, Muslimer, Kristne, ikke-specificerede, heteroseksuelle eller homoseksuelle, venstre, hoejre, center og uafhaengige. “100 Cities Against Stoning” kampange-erklaeringen blev givet videre til mangfoldiggoerelse, distribution og diskussion med disse borgeres netvaerk af venner. Vi talte ligeledes om hvad medborgerne kunne goere for at opmuntre den Danske regering til mere effektiv indsats mod stening af kvinder, boern og maend i Iran og andre steder i Verden. Vores fokus var kommunikation med beboere af nabolaget omkring den Iranske Islamiske Republiks (IRI) Imam Ali Moske, der drives af diktatoren Khamenei’s beviseligt berygtede Ahl ul Bait organisation. Der er planlagt en massiv 10 million $ udvidelse af denne sharia-hjernevask-center for IRI, en potentiel militaer intelligens- og lokal rekrutterings-center for IRI, -Hamas og -Hizbullah. En hazarderet og uvelkommen ambition opponeret ved et 78% flertal af Danskere jvf. Danmarks Radios meningsmaaling ved 5000 sms stemmer. Danskere oensker ikke nogen skulle praedike stening, hverken i Koebenhavn eller nogen andet sted. Vi skal tilsutte os kommende bestraebelser paa at opretholde fokus paa Sakineh og andre fanger i Iran og redde dem fra stening, haengning eller andre metoder af henrettelse. Vi sagde nej til stening sammen med vores kampagne-kolleger i 111 deltagende byer! Og sidst ikke mindst skal vi forsoege at introducere denne debat i de kommende Foketingsvalgs-kampagner for de store partier i Danmark.
Pedram Kazemi-Esfarjani, valgt medlem af Fritiran, sekulaert, liberalt mindretal. 100 Byer Mod Stening

Copenhagen among 111 Cities Against Stoning, 28 August 2010

کپنهاگ علیه سنگسار
همگام با ایرانیان بیش از صد شهر در پنج قاره دنیا, امروز, شنبه 28 اوت جمعی از پناهندگان سیاسی ایران در کپنهاگ آکسیونی اعتراضی بر علیه سنگسار برگزار کردند.
این آکسیون در مقابل مسجد امام علی که وابسته به جمهوری اسلامی و بنیاد جهانی اهل بیت میباشد برگزار شد. تظاهر کنندگان ضمن پخش اطلاعیه هایی بر علیه سنگسار در بین رهگذران به افشاگری در مورد سیاستهای بلند پروازانه جمهوری اسلامی ایران در ارتباط با ساخت مسجدی 10 ملیون دلاری در این منطقه پرداختند.
حسین فردوسی پور.

Along with people from 111 cities on the five Continents of the World, today, Saturday 28 August 2010, a group of dedicated political refugees from Iran and fellow Danes conducted one-on-one informative conversations about and against stoning and other sharia law atrocities against humanity. More than 60 Danes of various creed and origin including atheists, Muslims, Christians, non-specified, straight or gay, right, left, centre and independet, were given leaflets with the “100 Cities Against Stoning” campaign statement to multiply, distribute and discuss with their network of friends. We also talked about what citizens could do to urge the Danish government to work more effectively against stoning of women, children and men in Iran and elsewhere in the World. Our focus was communication with the residents of the neighbourhood surrounding the Islamic Republic of Iran’s (IRI) Imam Ali Mosque run by dictator Khamenei’s notorious Ahl ul Bait organization. A massive 10 million $ expansion of this particular sharia-brainwashing centre of IRI, a potential military intelligence and local recruitment centre for IRI, Hamas and Hizbullah in Copenhagen is planned. A hazardous and unwelcome ambition opposed by a 78% majority of Danes according to Danish National TV poll by 5000 instant messaging voting. Danes do NOT wish anyone preach stoning neither in Copenhagen, nor anywhere else!
We shall join coming efforts to keep the focus on saving Sakineh and other prisoners from stoning, hanging and other methods of execution . We said no to stoning, alongside our co-campaigners in the 111 participating cities! And we shall try to introduce this debate to coming Danish parliament election campaigns of leading parties.
Pedram Kazemi-Esfarjani, member elect of Fritiran, secular liberal minority

torsdag den 19. august 2010

Copenhagen, Denmark joins the August 28 Campaign Event: 100 Cities Against Stoning

111 byer har tilsluttet sig kampagnen 100 Byer mod Stening - København er med! Copenhagen among 111 cities joining the campaign 100 Cities Against Stoning!

Det Koebenhavnske bidrag til 100 Cities Against Stoning, 28.08.2010, kl.14-16, krydset Glentevej-Vibevej

Jeg opfordrer alle anti-imperialister, humanister og sekulaere Danskere, inkl. Danskere med Iransk fortid etc., og andre interesserede, fredelige, lovlydige borgere til at deltage i det Koebenhavnske bidrag til 100 Cities Against Stoning, 28.08.2010, kl.14-16, krydset Glentevej-Vibevej - polititilladelse og kommunal vejbrugsformalia er bragt i orden: kom og vaer med!

Der vil laegges vaegt paa samtale med interesserede forbipasserende og omdeling af oplysnings-materiale i form af kampagnens officielle loebesedler og presse-meddelelser. Dette skal vaere en rolig og fredelig demonstration. Man behoever ikke at raabe for at blive hoert, man kan tale og laese. Al forsoeg paa haervaerk eller ulovligheder meldes til politiet omgaaende.

Vedr. Fritirans politik vil jeg henlede til generalforsamlingens vedtagelse 30.05.2010: "Fritiran, som en græsrodsforening for dansk-iransk venskab og demokratisk frihedskamp, vil fejre Grundlovsdagen 5. Juni 2010, eller deltage aktivit og synligt i de eksisterende Grunlovsdags-møder og markere vigtigheden af forsvar af den danske Grundlovs frihedsrettigheder og humanisme mod Islamisk Sharia lovs ulighed og undertrykkelse i Iran og i Europa".

Med venlig hilsen, Pedram Kazemi-Esfarjani, af generalforsamlingen valgt, fortsat fuldgyldigt medlem af bestyrelsen i Fritiran, sekulaert, liberalt mindretal


Please contact Pedram Kazemi-Esfarjani, secular liberal activist and member elect of board of Fritiran, secular liberal minority for news and details of the Copenhagen event, or if you wish to join the event planning, by contacting: docpedram@gmail.com

For flyers and poster to print out and bring along to the demonstration on 28.08.10: http://www.scribd.com/mrohaly
For more general information and also to watch video reports from the previous international events to save Sakineh and other victims of sharia injustice on 24 July 2010: http://missionfreeiran.org/ (a secular website!)

The Copenhagen Police Department and the Copenhagen City Council administration have both approved the campaign 100 Cities Against Stoning to meet up on Saturday 28.08.2010, 2-4 pm at the Glentevej-Vibevej crossing, Copenhagen NV neighbourhood, literally speaking our message stop stonings and executions in Iran, so the neighbourhood's good people be informed, and the bad ones, the Iranian Islamic state's sharia-centre in Copenhagen, the mosque at Vibevej 25, to get the message and bring it to their Lord, Khamenei. By that we protest the execution orders against Mrs Sakineh Ashtiani as well as protest sharia-law export incl. future export of stoning og women and girls to Copenhagen!

Place: Google Map for Glentevej close the address Vibevej 25 - where supreme commander of Iranian Islamic Imperialism armed forces Khamenei's Ahl ul Bait Unit is building a base, yet another Undercover Mosque: http://maps.google.dk/maps?hl=da&rlz=1I7DLUK_en-GB&q=glentevej%20&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wl

Weather report, bring along your rain coat: http://www.dmi.dk/dmi/index/danmark.htm


Pressemeddelelse om 100 Byer Mod Stening den 28.08.2010
Det sekulære mindretal i den københavnske forening Fritiran inviterer hermed alle fredelige, lovlydige medborgere til at deltage i den fredelige, internationale oplysningskampagne 100 Byer Mod Stening. I København afholdes en fredelig demonstration, lørdag d.28.08.2010, kl.14-16, ved krydset Glentevej-Vibevej, modsat den Iranske statsmoske. Den fredelige demonstration har modtaget tilladelse fra både politiet og kommunen. Der vil være officielle løbesedler fra kampagnens side mhp. samtale med interesserede forbipasserende og deltagere. Man behøver ikke at råbe i en megafon for at blive hørt, man kan også samtale og læse. Det er princippet for netop dette tvær-politiske arrangement. Kom og laes og tal sammen i fred og ro, venstre, center og højre i Danmark.
Med venlig hilsen
Pedram Kazemi-Esfarjani, valgt medlem af bestyrelsen i Fritiran - ovenstående er en sekulært, liberalt mindretalsudtalelse.
Kontakt: Pedram Kazemi-Esfarjani, docpedram@gmail.com

Kilder til flere oplysninger om kampagnen:

-          For kampagne-koordinatorers pressemeddelelse, se: http://stopstonningnow.com/wpress/2137
-          For kampagnes informationsmateriale, posters og loebesedler, se: http://www.scribd.com/mrohaly 
-          For kampagnens video reportager fra seneste internationale aktion 24 Juli 2010 m.m. se: www.missionfreeiran.org (bare rolig, trods navnet er det 100% sekulaert)
-          For opdatering af antal byer, der deltager d.28.08.2010: http://stopstonningnow.com/wpress/2249
-          For mere information om denne og lignende oplysningskampagner og konferencer, se: www.onelawforall.org.uk

Press release regarding 100 Cities Against Stoning on 28.08.2010
The secular liberal minority in the Copenhagen based grass-root group Fritiran hereby invites all peaceful, law abiding citizens to participate in the peaceful international campaign 100 Cities Against Stoning. In Copenhagen there will be held a peaceful demonstration on Saturday 28 August 2010, 2-4 pm, at the street junction Glentevej-Vibevej, Copenhagen NV, opposite to the Iranian state mosque. This peaceful demonstration has received permission from both Copenhagen Police Department and Copenhagen City Council administration. There will be official campaign flyers and posters to show and to talk about with interested participants and bystanders. There is no need to shout through a megaphone to be heard, one could read and have a informative chat instead. This would be the philosophy of this particular politically open and broad event. Come on and read and talk to each other in peace, left, centre and right in Denmark.
Updates, including Google map reference and weather report on: www.fritdanmark-fritiran.blogspot.com
Pedram Kazemi-Esfarjani, member elect of the board of Fritiran - this event and the press release is on behalf of the secular liberal minority among the membership of Fritiran, who elected me as their delegate at the General Assembly 30 May 2010.
      Contact: Pedram Kazemi-Esfarjani, docpedram@gmail.com

Links to more information about this and related campaigns by the same campaign coordinators:

-          For campaign statement: http://stopstonningnow.com/wpress/2137
-          For more data, printable flyers and posters: http://www.scribd.com/mrohaly 
-          For video reports from the International events against stoning on 24 Juli 2010 and more: www.missionfreeiran.org (100% secular)
-          For an update on the number of cities participating in the campaign on.28 August 2010: http://stopstonningnow.com/wpress/2249
-          For more information on this and similar campaigns and conferences: www.onelawforall.org.uk


Other web links to the campaign: http://stopstonningnow.com/wpress/2137

The International campaign to save Sakineh Ashtiaani from stoning has brought this savage, criminal punishment to the attention of the world. Today Sakineh’s name is familiar to millions of people. Hundreds of thousands have expressed their abhorrence of stoning through, among other things, signing petitions and taking part in protest actions worldwide. This millions strong movement must be organized. It must take its protest to the streets!
To that end we call on citizens of the world to mark August 28, 2010 the day of protest action by 100 CITIES OF THE WORLD AGAINST STONING. We call on you, civilized people of the world, to actively show your vehement opposition to stoning as a pre-medieval form of savagery. Organize, or participate in, protest rallies everywhere. Condemn the Islamist regime in Iran as the cruelest regime of its kind that stones people to death. It has, during the 31 years of its existence, stoned at least 109 people, predominantly women, and currently has 25 more people sit on stoning death row. These barbaric, serial killings must be stopped!
We call especially on all anti-stoning campaigners, as well as all groups and organizations particularly involved in the on-going international campaign to save Sakineh, to actively mobilize, with everything in their power, for a strong 100 CITIES OF THE WORLD AGAINST STONING action. We request you all to contact us through our website addresses below in order to coordinate your efforts and organize more effectively. We shall soon announce the list of names of the cities willing and prepared to organize an action.
Further, we request all trade unions and other workers’ organization, women’s organizations, Amnesty International and all progressive organizations to join us in this campaign aimed at forcing back the Islamist regime. Please forward this callout to your membership and mobilize them for a forceful, global 100 CITIES OF THE WORLD AGAINST STONING.
We call on all local councils, city governments and MPs around the world to actively join this global, citizens’ campaign, issue statements and pass resolutions condemning the barbaric regime of stoning in Iran.
We request the world media to help us in disseminating the news of the advance of 100 CITIES OF THE WORLD AGAINST STONING campaign.
We also call on all Iranian individulas living abroad, all Iranian opposition organizations, and all the Farsi language media to consider 100 CITIES OF THE WORLD AGAINST STONING their own protest action against the regime of stoning in Iran. We request them to add to its force as well as expanse through contributing their creative ideas.

And now to something related:

Undercover Mosque (2007) and Undercover Mosque - the Return (2009)

Watch on Google Video Undercover Mosque (2007) and Undercover Mosque - the Return (2009) by the British Channel Four Dispatchers and Hard Cash Productions and learn why we all should resist the ongoing Islamic Imperialist grand mosque and sharia-school offensive.

Danish: Vis fredelig, staedig og Grundlovssikret modstand mod Islamisk Imperialismes Trojanske Heste stormoskeer, sharia-skoler og saakaldte Islamiske Kulturcentre, der er sharia-centre som de andre.

English: Resist Islamic Imperialism's Trojan Horses, grand mosques, shria-schools and so-called Islamic Cultural Centres, which are none but sharia-centres, peacefully, but persistently and with the Danish liberal democratic constitution Grundloven in your hands.

Author Sam Harris joins plot to have Pope arrested

Interesting article with the author's kind permission:

Why hard-line Islam is winning
by Roy W Brown*
* Roy W Brown is main representative at the UN Geneva for the International Humanist and Ethical Union. Note by the author: Because it makes references to immigration (about which IHEU has "no agreed policy"), I gave the speech in my personal capacity rather than as an IHEU representative.
Since the Iranian revolution of 1979 Islam has become far more assertive world-wide. The Iranian revolution showed the Muslim world that Muslims could shake off the “yoke of western economic imperialism” and become the masters of their own fate. But more importantly, Saudi Arabia suddenly woke up to the threat on their doorstep and since the Iranian revolution has spent billions of dollars in promoting its own version of hard-line Islamism world wide.
The Saudi regime is kept in place through a bargain struck with the Wahabis, the dominant sect in Saudi Arabia. The deal is simple: the family can enjoy their jet-setting western life-style, but the quid pro quo is that they spend much of the nation’s oil wealth on promoting Islam – Wahabi Islam.
According to estimates we saw back in 2004, Saudi Arabia spent between 60 and 100 billion dollars on this project between 1980 and 2004 – a process that someone – quite accurately in my opinion – called “stealth jihad”. We believe the Saudi regime is still subsidizing hard-line Islamism to the tune of $8 to $10 billion annually.

First they poured money into the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (the OIC) which represents the 57 Islamic States, and has become the most influential power block at the United Nations where they have succeeded in silencing any criticism of human rights abuse in the Islamic world.
I shall come back to the influence of the OIC at the United Nations in a moment.
Since the early 1980s the Saudis have been supporting local and national Islamic organisations around the world. The support the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR in the United States and Canada, the Muslim Council of Britain, the Geneva Islamic information centre, home of the Ramadan brothers, and a myriad mosques and Islamic information centres around the world.
But most insidiously of all, they have been using their money and influence to replace liberal, moderate leadership in mosques by hard-line imams. Over half of the mosques in England are now controlled by the Deoband – a hard-line Islamist cult that originated in India. Over half the mosques in France are now controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood and their sympathisers. I heard just this week in Geneva that over the past 20 years the Saudis have been quietly offering financial support to mosques in India provided they changed their imams to someone approved by them. I have no information on what has been happening in Scandinavia but I would be very surprised if things here were very different.
Right across Europe we are seeing worrying signs of a new Islamic assertiveness: condemnation by self-appointed Islamic leaders of every perceived insult to Islam, demands for special treatment for Muslims in schools, hospitals and the workplace, and for the acceptance of Shari’a law for the settlement of family disputes. But this phenomenon is not confined to Europe. It is part of a global campaign, orchestrated by the Organization of the Islamic Conference, the OIC, for the world-wide acceptance and adoption of Islamic norms and values.
For the past 20 years, the OIC has been pushing for international recognition of a unique and special status for their particular hard-line interpretation of Islam.
Their first step was the adoption in 1990 of the Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam[1], a document which the OIC claims is “complementary” to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights[2] but which actually turns the Universal Declaration on its head, replacing individual rights by “rights” based exclusively on Shari’a law.
When I presented a paper at the UN Human Rights Council in March 2008 on behalf of IHEU, highlighting the incompatibility between the Cairo Declaration and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights [3], I was stopped on a point of order by the Pakistani delegate who said that “any discussion of Shari’a law in this forum is insulting to our faith”. This extraordinary objection was actually upheld by the president of the Council [4]. If threats to the universality of human rights cannot be addressed in the world’s supreme human rights body, where can they be discussed?
The OIC have since announced plans for an Islamic Charter of Human Rights based on the Cairo Declaration, and a new international Islamic Human Rights body for which the OIC is seeking, and will probably obtain, UN recognition [5]. Should they succeed the UN will have accepted that the Universal Declaration no longer applies to more than one billion of our fellow human beings living in the Islamic States.
But the ambitions of the OIC are not restricted to their own countries. Every year since 1999 they have introduced resolutions in the Human Rights Council and, since 2006 in the UN General Assembly, “Combating Defamation of Religion”, with the objective of restricting all negative comment about religion, Islam in particular. Every year these non-binding resolutions have been adopted by the Human Rights Council with a comfortable two to one majority, with only the liberal democracies among the 47 member states of the Council voting against. When this resolution was first introduced in the UN General Assembly it was adopted by a similarly impressive majority. Freedom of expression - and the idea that criticism of Islam should be permissible – is anathema to the Islamic States, and combating defamation of religion has been their weapon of choice in their fight against that freedom. But the western liberal democracies, and every child of the Enlightenment, understand that it is freedom of expression that underpins all our other human rights. Without freedom of expression, how are we to expose and challenge tyranny, corruption and intolerance in all its forms? One hopeful sign, however, is that support for these resolutions has been declining in the UN General Assembly every year since 2006, as a result, no doubt, of the massive negative publicity that the concept of defamation of religion has attracted from NGOs and western delegations [6].
In their latest moves this year, the OIC has begun pushing for additional “complementary” clauses in the legally binding Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination, the CERD, that would extend protection to religions (for which read “Islam”) thereby making defamation of religion, or blasphemy, a criminal offence under international law.
And in June 2010 they pushed through a change to the mandate to the special rapporteur on freedom of expression requiring that defender of freedom to report on abuses of that freedom – to report, in fact, on cases of Islamophoia!
They are winning

However unreasonable the demands of the hard-liners might seem, and how alien to our way of life and values, they are winning the war in the UN and in many western states as well. One of their key strategies has been to label any criticism of Islam or Islamic extremism as “Islamophobia”, and to equate it with racism. In this they were strongly supported by the former UN special rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism, Doudou Diene, a Muslim from Senegal, who during his term of office succeeded in ignoring every manifestation of the endemic anti-Semitism in the Islamic world while focusing almost exclusively on Islamophobia, which he described as “the worst form of racism”. The OIC were, of course, delighted with his statements and have been quoting him endlessly ever since. So all-pervading has been the malign influence of this man that he is still travelling the world advising governments from South East Asia to Northern Europe on how best to counter this phenomenon.
Diene defined Islamophobia as an “irrational fear or hatred of Islam”, so no-one among the hundreds of advocates of freedom of expression that I know can be described as Islamophobic; their fears of radical Islam, far from being irrational, are well founded. But fear of being labeled Islamophobic – and of violent reprisals – seems to have infected governments and the media throughout the western world. We see writers, comedians, politicians, playwrights and film-makers happy to attack Christianity while steering well clear of Islam. The film 2012 released earlier this year is a good example. We can see the Vatican wiped out as the Earth faces extinction, but not the Kabaa in Mecca. Director Roland Emmerich and co-writer Harold Kloser admitted that they “didn’t want a fatwa on their heads because of a film”.
The future

To see what is in store should the Islamists succeed, we need look no further than Iran or Somalia today where, under Sharia law, young people are being executed for crimes committed while they were still children, men and women are being stoned to death for adultery, homosexuals are killed, and girls as young as eight or nine are being forcibly married off to middle-aged men.
The Islamists are skilful at playing the victimisation card. Yes, they are victims – but victims of an Islamic culture that segregates young Muslims from mainstream society, treats girls and young women as the property of their menfolk, and shows disdain and even contempt for the very values that have enabled them to come to Europe and to prosper.
I am certain that if western employers, the media and governments were prepared to stand up for our values, far from finding opposition from the Muslim community they would hear a collective sigh of relief, that they have indeed come to a country that is proud of its values and prepared to defend them. After all, didn’t the parents and grandparents of today’s young Islamic extremists actually come here in search of a better life, away from the perpetual poverty and intolerance of those states where Islam holds sway?
We must oppose every attempt by the Islamists to introduce Islamic values into our society. Those values are totally alien to the values of the Enlightenment on which our modern democratic societies have been built.
We must oppose attempts to create parallel systems of justice. We must fight every step of the way attempts to create Shari’a courts. All of us, whether Humanists, Christians, Hindus, Jews or especially Muslims, must reject Shari’a law because, as the Islamic scholar Hassan Mahmud has said: “Muslims are the first victims of Islamic law.” And, unless we are very, very careful we will be next.
Where are we heading?

Europe is facing immense demographic changes, and many people are worried about what this will mean for European culture and values in the future. I would recommend an article by Eric Kaufmann in the April addition of Prospect Magazine in which he reports on a research project that has produced the first rigorous projections of the religious composition of 16 European countries to the year 2030.

Even assuming European Muslim fertility declines to the level of the indigenous population by 2030 – which seems unlikely given the increasing influence of fundamentalism – then the Muslim population of Sweden will have reached about 14% by 2030, Austria 11% and France 9%. Since most of the immigrants will be living in our largest cities, we can see that many inner cities will have Muslim majority populations even before that date. And if the assumption about declining Muslim fertility rates is wrong, and the present decline in fertility should stop, we could see far higher proportions of Muslims in our populations by 2050.

But whether we like it or not, and whatever we do now, we are faced with the absolute inevitability of an increasingly Muslim population in Europe.

Misguided policies of uncontrolled immigration and multiculturalism have led to the creation of ghettos in our cities with large numbers of unemployed and effectively unemployable young people who fall easy prey to the rhetoric of the fundamentalists.

So what can we do about it?

I would like to start by making a few suggestions that seem to me to be vital.

First, I would suggest that what we should not do is attempt to return to the imagined ideal of a Christian continent because of our fear of an Islamic takeover. Talk of our Christian heritage is nonsense. Our heritage is the heritage of the Enlightenment; it was the Enlightenment that led our escape from the tyranny and bondage of medieval Christianity. What we need, and the only system that will enable all Europeans to live together in peace and harmony, is Secularism – by which I mean complete state neutrality in matters of religion and belief.

We should start by adopting a policy of zero tolerance towards incitement to hatred and towards preachers of hate. This is crucially important because incitement to hatred has been shown to play on our human capacity to hate injustice, and to turn that hatred into violent action. The genocides of the Holocaust and Rwanda happened because ordinary people were inspired by their leaders to hate those who were perceived as acting unjustly towards them.

We should therefore have no hesitation in acting severely against anyone who incites hatred of any group. And this applies whether the group in question is Jews, Muslims, immigrants, atheists, homosexuals, Christians, or any other. In fact, our governments are obliged under Article 20 of the ICCPR to act in this way, but unfortunately few of them do so consistently; Islamist imams, for example, seem to have a free pass to preach hatred of the West and of Western values in many of Europe’s mosques.

No religion should be permitted to preach hate simply because such hatred appears in their holy texts. Religious belief cannot and must not be allowed to trump human rights or the law of the land.
We also need to make clear the distinction between – on the one hand - incitement to hatred, and on the other, criticism of religion, no matter how crude and vulgar the criticism. Incitement should be outlawed but criticism permitted as part of our precious commitment to freedom of expression. We must make absolutely clear the distinction between the believer and the belief. Believers should have all their human rights protected, but beliefs are fair game – and there is no human right not to be offended.Harsh though it may seem on the poor and dispossessed, if we are to avoid major conflicts in the future, we do need to limit immigration to the numbers that can be absorbed and assimilated into our societies. We must do far more to help members of the immigrant communities learn the skills they will need to prosper here, but we must also recognize that the numbers we can absorb depends on their cost to society in education, healthcare, social services and, it must be said, security.

We should support Muslim dissidents, apostates and heretics, groups like the Islamic Reform Movement and the Councils of ex-Muslims which now exist in many European states. In June this year I attended a conference in Oxford called “Critical Thinking for Islamic Reform”. There were about 60 people there, almost all of them believing Muslims, but all of them totally opposed to the hard-liners, Sharia law, the Muslim Brotherhood and the OIC. We hardly ever hear about these Muslims. I left the conference hugely encouraged. But unless reformers become the dominant voice of Islam in Europe we are heading for serious trouble. We must do what we can to help these dissidents.

We should not accept self-censorship. Every time an editor, out of fear, spikes an article or a cartoon that is mocking or critical of Islam or any other religion, we should publicise the fact, and that it was done out of fear, not respect.

We should oppose all attempts by organized religions to obtain special concessions from government. What we allow for Christianity, we cannot reasonably deny to Islam, Hinduism or any other religion.
We should oppose state funding for religious events, for faith schools, tax-breaks for supposedly charitable activities, or attempts to allow religious courts to adjudicate in matters of family law.
We should promote the teaching of critical thinking. I was pleased that when our two youngest children took the International Baccalaureate, one of the compulsory subjects was the “Theory of Knowledge”: that is, a combination of philosophy and critical thinking.
We should promote the teaching of ethics as rooted in an understanding of our shared humanity. All children should be taught comparative religion, including atheism and Humanism, as an antidote to indoctrination – which today runs unchecked in many schools in Europe. The teaching of ethics should be centred on the humanist ideal – shared by many religions – that we are entitled to be treated with dignity, allowed personal autonomy and have equal treatment before the law, and that we should treat others as we wish to be treated.
We need to promote the teaching of science for the non-scientist: an appreciation of the scientific method, of the discoveries of science, and how we know what we think we know. Respect for the scientific, evidence-based approach to life, politics, society and the world around us will go a long way towards the elimination of superstition and undue religious influence in public life.
We need to understand that the history of European civilisation is the history of of the struggle for freedom - and above all for freedom of the mind. We must not allow religion, this time in the guise of Islam, to erode any more of our hard earned freedom.

[1] http://www.religlaw.org/interdocs/docs/cairohrislam1990.htm

[2] http://www.un.org/en/documents/udhr/
[3] http://www.iheu.org/node/3162
[4] http://www.iheu.org/node/3115
[5] http://www.islamtoday.com/showmenews.cfm?cat_id=38&sub_cat_id=2164
[6] http://www.iheu.org/united-nations-will-violate-human-rights-says-new-report-religious-freedoms* Roy W Brown is main representative at the UN Geneva for the International Humanist and Ethical Union