lørdag den 14. marts 2015

Forsvar Danske Ateister og Danske Joeder mod Islamiske Stater og EU Fascisters Doedspatruljer

Laes og giv videre (det var hvad folk skrev paa illegale loebesedler under modstandskampen WWII): Suggestion to PM of Israel, Israel Foreign Secretary and Knesset: Israel Defense Forces [IDF] should apply for permission to build fully armed guarded Mega-Synagogues in all major Danish cities and also in the mid-size city Haderslev, at least 50000 m2, so to balance out the Islamic States massive military expansion within Denmark since 2010, 50000 m2 mega-mosques on top of 115 mosque branches that already were there. I am a non-jewish atheist, but as my freedoms and my existance are threatened and attacked by Islamic States and EU fascists, I would volunteer to be trained, equipped and armed to stand late Dan's watch outside such synagogues, and protect the freedoms and lives of Danish jewish kids and parents.